In the beginning….

Phil: In the beginning there was the word. And the word was “We’re really sorry but you are closing down.”

Candice and I were working at a quango as contractors. The run up to the momentous news had been an election campaign during which none of us were allowed to publish anything. Since I worked on the web site, that had made for a pretty dull time. Then just as it looked like things would be getting back to normal, it was announced that we were to be the kindling for a “bonfire of the quangoes”.

This left the management of the place with a problem. We were all there. We were still getting paid. They had to work out what to do. And the board didn’t seem able to meet for at least a month. So we sat there. I mean it wasn’t like there was much point in doing anything. That nice new minister had said we weren’t required any more. Those on the permanent staff had a few meetings to go to run by the union to discuss the future. As part of the army of contract staff so we didn’t even have those to occupy or entertain us.

During lunchtime sitting with a couple of other contractors we started to chat about old jobs. Someone had worked for a “Change management” company. In fact it seemed that everywhere she had worked soon needed some change managing for them. We all joked that maybe we ought to start-up such a firm since we had at least one expert. After all, none of us had anything better to do at the time !

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