A seed begins to grow…

Candice: And so there we were minding our own business eaking out the last few days of work at said quango when the seed of an idea began to grow.  Really, could we write a book?  Bored of sending abusive emails across the office I started to write something about a love story started at university between two characters.  and so it began to flow…  Ear buds in and the brain went off into another world creating these character’s history and coming up with a perilous situation where their love might be challenged.  It was amazing how easy the ideas just came pouring out. 

The next day I sent it to Phil, who critiqued and then sent me something back – an opening chapter.  Oh hang on a minute, there was something going on here… there were genuine ideas and funny moments such that I had to stifle a giggle.  (hard to hide in a deathly quiet office of people doing bugger all due to the fact they had been canned.)

Perhaps this had legs…..

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