Writing in the nude – an interesting concept…?

 Candice: Phil sent me a link last week to an article on how women writers create, and some are said to write in the nude?  Not sure about this concept at all, surely things would get abit uncomfortable if you have a “leather” chair, remember sticking to the leather seats in your parent’s Maxi when you were growing up – well I do!  Not really a comfortable way of doing things – personally I prefer writing fully clothed, and it always helps when a recruitment agency or potential employer calls when you are beavering away at the PC, as it gets you into the “sell myself into this job” mode.  Having been caught out when wearing dressing gown and pyjamas, and then trying to turn on the whole “Yes, I’m a professional business women” bit on – it just can’t be done!

The article also talks about needing lead feet to prevent the procrastination.  That I can also empathise with as I am already thinking its time for the mid morning cup of tea!  As, alongside trying to start Book 2 (lots of ideas I need to put on paper) I have another target to meet.  Being a PR person at heart I’m tasked with writing a press release about what we have been up to and trying to get in into the local press, and Grazia if I’m really lucky.

So I know what I have to write, I just need to get down to it.  A common problem I understand, for writers in general.  So I shall stop distracting myself with filling the blog with words and crack on with that press release!

By the way, went back to the Coventry business park that the quango was based in, at the weekend, to look at places for photo opportunities and, it has been wipped!  The branding off the main building, the place we were thinking of for photo backdrop is now something quango.  So its either photoshop or we need to come up with another idea.  Back to the drawing board…


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2 responses to “Writing in the nude – an interesting concept…?

  1. First – I would like to point out that the link was sent as a fashion item ‘cos I know Candice is into fashion and so it’s not as creepy wierd as you might think.

    Second – I hadn’t thought about the whole leather chair thing. Owwwwww !!!!

  2. Sorry about this but just caught up with previous email and women beavering away on leather chairs made we need to sit down as well.

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