Gracias Grazia

Candice:  It has been a bizarre week, two long weekends seem to have left me with less time on my hands than my usual two day weekend.  Though I think spending at least four hours discussing the merits of ‘the dress’ might have been a bit much.Princess Margaret\'s Wedding to Anthony Armstrong-Jones

Anyway, along side spending a 14 hour day travelling to and from Guildford for work and trying to train for my triathlon (next sunday, gulp), Phil has been hassling me about something else.

Two weeks ago I spotted a competition in Grazia magazine (hello to you Grazia if you are reading!).  A writing competition.  This is different from their usual ‘win a handbag’ competition which I must have texted for so many times I could probably buy a bag with the text costs. ANYWAY, a real, genuine writing competition where we might be able to get some recognition for our fine talents.  Ah, but there is one thing amiss.  It has to be written by a woman.  That’s fine, I obviously fit that criteria, but the question is can I write it without my writing partner?

After a year of having a sounding board this is a tough one.  I’m even more worried as the rules are so strict I can’t even have any assistance so I have to keep my ideas to myself, else Phil’s active brain will start churning out great ideas which I can’t use!

But I have been so busy I haven’t really had time to get down to writing something, hence Phil’s texts and emails saying – ‘come on, get on with it, it’s a great opportunity!’

So have used my training runs and long train journey to come up with a cracker of a story, inspired by a bit of costume drama on the telly,an article on royal wedding dresses (including Princess Margaret’s, above)  and a chance to write about clothes in the 196o’s for a change.  So, with bated breath I will be sending the email tomorrow and the fingers will be crossed.

Obviously winning, or even getting some recognition would be great, but I am especially interested in the fact that if you win, you collect your award at the Orange sponsored ceremony in London.  So what is my mind already thinking about it, ‘oh what shall I wear.’  Long way off there mate.

While this is all going on we have had another rejection from an agent, to add to the pile of two.  Ah well, such is the life of a struggling writing team…


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3 responses to “Gracias Grazia

  1. Rosalie

    How did you get on?

  2. Just to let you know – we didnt get it! We didnt get down the last 13 – but we’ll not giving up on it yet.

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