Its all in the networking!

Candice: Having spent another long day on set – this time on a slightly lower budget and local BBC production, I have come home to realise that I have completely forgotten something important.

You meet alot of interesting people doing this extras work, or Supporting Artiste to be correct.  (In fact on a slight aside here, I was actually a “Walk On” today which moved me from general background to someone with a purpose, and also increased how much I got paid, bonus!)  Anyway, having hung out with the group today, once we got past the who’s been on what bit, then we got to talk about the book.  It wasnt a deliberate ploy per se, however my two days on Casualty card got trumped by the man who is Matt Smith’s double on Doctor Who and has been a cyberman, so I needed to throw something else into the mix.

Also, Phil has been hassling me for ages as he’s rewritten the synopsis and I am tasked with the covering letter, but he wants comments.  Being battered by text too many times I thought today might be a good opportunity to do some editing between takes.  Normally on these things there is alot of hanging around and not alot of acting, hence loads of time for scribbling. 

However, today, the BBC wanted their two peneth worth so was on my toes all morning being a Surgeon; lots of walking and pensive looks.  After lunch, in the lull before round two of the scenes, I got pad and pen out.  But, this generated a flow of questions and I sat there trying to do the fated elevator pitch to the other SA’s, badly. 

At this point I realised that I was missing my main form of communication, the business cards that Phil has been referring too.  Um, I think I have filed them somewhere safe at home……time to start looking.

But, in the midst of this conversation a nice man piped up, “I know a publisher, would you like me to give you their details.”  Restraining myself from jumping down his throat, I said yes please.  And the promptly got signed out of the job and totally forgot about it.

So I am hoping that some of my new friends from today may log on and see what I’ve been up to, and then contact me with the publisher details.  Fingers crossed.

I also forgot to take the obligatory muffin shot to go with my post, though someone did have a rather lovely large chocolate one at lunchtime!


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2 responses to “Its all in the networking!

  1. Sorry, I’m a bit late with this; Arrrrrgggggggggg !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Catherine Sharkey

    It’s ‘Two penn’ orth!’ Sorry, I can’t help myself!

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