93 miles an hour, surely not, Officer?

Mostly cream album cover with black-and-white image of tall, bearded gentleman holding the hand of blonde, cape-wearing woman. In the top right-hand corner, it is captioned "FLEETWOOD MAC" and "RUMOURS" below it.Candice:  “The road between HIA’s home in leafy Solihull and March hadn’t been easy. Thanks to picking up the others, the team, or advance party as Gareth liked to describe them were running late. This was despite Kate’s driving, in a style that had kept the list of points on her license bordering on full for several years. In fact if it hadn’t been for some sassy sweet talking of a young policeman a few weeks earlier, someone else would have had to take the wheel. She always said. “There’s no point in having a powerful car if you don’t drive it properly.” In the back seat, Kelvin was glad of his seatbelt.”

Our main character, Kate Smith, drives a rather nifty BMW 3 series, that typical statement, upwardly mobile, look at me I’ve got a Bee Mer.  Being a strong-headed, aggressive lady, she drives her car like she lives her life, totally in control but at a very fast pace, with no patience for anyone who gets in the way.

Funnily enough, when my sister read this bit, she made some comment about it being autobiographical?  Now, I do like to drive fast, and I currently have a rather speedy Alfa which has some poke, but is also rather thirsty! But hey, I’ve only, currently, got three points which is not bad going really. I’ve never had the chance to chat up a Police man to try to get out of any more, as mine have all been related to those damn speed cameras.  Anyway, my sibling is correct, Kate’s driving and a few other parts of the book do have a basis in my background (though it will be up to the reader to work out which is which!).

But the other week I found a perfect driving song, well perfect if you want to get caught speeding.  I find that the type of music you have on when you drive influences how you drive.  Rock and its all aggressive, Pop and you bounce along the round with a smiley face, Classical and you are probably the person annoying me by doing 50 in a 70 mile an hour zone.

My suggestion is, don’t try driving to “The Chain” aka the F1 theme.  I was listening to Kerrang the other day and they were talking about what songs got you into rock music, and played this Fleetwood Mac classic.  The next thing I know I’ve got my foot down, there is a long stretch of straight road ahead and I’m thinking I’m Jenson Button!

Thank god none of Warwickshire’s finest were out and about!


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4 responses to “93 miles an hour, surely not, Officer?

  1. …on the other she had given him a lift before and the memory of the experience still made his knuckles turn white.

    I have been in the Alfa twice. ’nuff said.

  2. Fast ladies in fast cars, Stevie Nicks, ooooh!

  3. PD

    OK, going to be really picky here – if it’s set in the UK then it’s “licence.”

    Also, I love the text, until the last sentence. Seriously who is called Kelvin (apart from the Lord of Celsius fame?). I read it the first time through as Kevin, which is much easier to read and process. Reading chick-lit is like eating a chocolate digestive, it should be comforting, not too hard to process and should taste exactly how you’d expect it to. Kevin is chick lit. Kelvin is either some trash name from the Waynetta/Lambrini 90s, or too subtle a play on a “nerdy” name to grasp in chick-lit-ville.

  4. Kelvin ? Trash ?

    He is the nerdy guy though so you got that right. It’s a good name for someone who fits in chick-lit like mushy peas in a hamburger. Lwet’s just say he isn’t the hero and doesn’t get the girl. Not this time anyway.

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