The blue touch paper has been lit…

Tea and apple…and one lucky agent is on the receiving end of the hottest new book since the bible !

Phil: OK, so what’s happened is that we’ve finally started submitting to agents again. That’s something that proper authors are supposed to keep plugging away at for years until they get a bite. The problem is that it’s easy to lose momentum if you don’t seem to be getting positive results.

Once upon a time this wasn’t an issue. We sat opposite each other at work and could hurl both abuse and ideas around like medieval peasants tossing rotten vegetables at some poor unfortunate in the stocks. Then we moved on to at least working in the same firm, often in the same room, when we could trot off for lunch and have a chat. In these conditions it’s easy to give each other shove or a bit of encouragement. Little bits of book would be surreptitiously read during the day and critiqued over sandwiches or cake.

Now meetings have to be arranged in advance and often are at the mercy of the real world. E-mail is OK but with bulging mailboxes and other distractions you don’t get a free flow of words. Facebook can help as well, even instant messaging might be worth a go, but the truth is I can speak faster than I can type. Oh, and before someone says Skype/video messaging etc. please don’t. It’s still a case of setting up a chat and you don’t get to share cake.

Now I find myself drinking tea and eating an apple, busy writing about a slag ladle (no I won’t. You can look it up) because I’ll get paid for it. On the writing seminar someone raised the problem of authors supporting themselves while writing and received a sort of fumbling answer that it was just something a writer would work out.

However, the upside of all this is that we are still writing. Both of us.  In fact the forced breaks away are sometimes helpful as they allow the text to read with fresh eyes. And we still very much believe in the book. If we do, then surely someone else will.

Let’s just hope that someone on the end of a nolanparker rocket finds it lights their fire.


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2 responses to “The blue touch paper has been lit…

  1. Is that a cake masquerading as an apple or just a fruit?
    There’s no substitution for a face-to-face. We use Skype and Facebook quite a lot for family in 3 locations back in UK and 1 in Spain but we have to fly back on a regular basis to see the children/parents/granchildren.

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