Cupcake cover

Phil: Ever since we decided to change the title of the book from “Seeds of change” to “Kate vs The Dirtboffins”, I’ve been meaning to do something about the book cover. Maybe a simple change of title would have suficed, but it would still be using an image nicked from a party manifesto which is both illegal and a poor omen for our future success.

The problem was what to use ?  Everything we could think of didn’t seem to work.

It was as I was browsing in a shop I saw something that started my train of thought. Amongst all the sale items was a ceramic world with a tractor sticking out of the top of it on a stalk. If you turned a key on the bottom of the half-globe, the tractor waved back and forth. Cute in a cartoony sort of way but not for long enough to persuade anyone to buy them judging by the size of the leftover pile. No matter, I thought the image was nice and it set my mind running.

We have a bit of tractor action in the book, you can’t do stuff about the sons of the soil without mentioning the company car, so if I did something with a tractor coming over a hill…but how to make ait more chick-lit ?

Cupcakes ! If the hills are made of cupcakes then that will provide a feminine counterpoint to the very macho tractor. A nice sky background should finish the job.

All I had to do was set up the photo and the rest was easy. However I very quickly hit a snag, have you any idea how difficult it is to find cupcakes covered with green icing ? Let me tell you, very difficult. In fact I had to give up in the end having searched the cake shops of Royal Leamington Spa. The best I could do was some cream colour versions and even then I had to pick cookie lumps out. The only good news was that a tiny tractor was more easily sourced from a model shop.

Back home, one of the cakes had been damaged in transit so had to be disposed of. And very nice it was too.

The photos were set up and lots of shots taken from different angles. Early attempts at superimposing these on a nice sky weren’t that succesful as I couldn’t download a decent resolution version. Quite how long it took me to work this out and realise I could just go and point the camera at the real thing, I would prefer not to say…

Anyway, with the photos merged, a suitable chick-litty font used for the title, I’ve done it. At which point I show it to Candice and she says she prefers the version with a high-heel clad foot on top of a cabbage. Humph.

What do you lot think ?


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3 responses to “Cupcake cover

  1. My friend – who designs book covers for a living says:
    “like the tractor/cupcake cover! publishers always seem keen on covers with blue sky”

  2. Trying to get to grips with tractors, dirt and boffins and chic lit. Have a couple of cover ideas would like to e mail you.

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