Tractorman tractorPhil: When did writing a book evolve into more than just sitting in my garret honing my prose ?

I’m about to sort out the latest paper versions of The Book so we can thrust the revised text under another group of friends noses, and hope they remain friends afterwards (actually, I’m hoping to recruit the girlfriend of a friend because I know she won’t spare my blushes when commenting on the story). This means more messing around on and hoping that I produce all the pages in the right order.

We’re also back on a marketing tack. While searching for a suitable tractor for the revised cover photo, I picked up some cheap plastic versions. Sadly I couldn’t find a cake big enough to balance them on but it seemed a shame not to use them for something. So, welcome to the nolanparker tractor ! A few minutes work with the printer has produced the sort of promotional give-away that everyone loves to collect at trade shows. Of course, we aren’t going to a trade show but it’s the thought that counts. At least we are prepared !

However, if you work for a publishing house or agent, drop me a line and I’ll send one over. It will look lovely on your desk. And would you like a book too ?

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