Cup cake week day 6 – Chinese chickens

Phil: These are big cakes. Probably half as big again as anything we have shown this week. Despite this, they are still individual portions apparently.

I did not, you might be surprised to know, buy and consume one. I mean, they look lovely in a giant cake sort of way. When I’m in Chinatown I like to gaze at them through the windows of the shop. They are so pretty. The photo of the chickens came out best but the Pandas were nice too and the Garfield style cats and the Elephants. All lovely but ultimately, not something I will be eating.

I’ve got books like this. I buy them because they look nice and I really intend to have a go but there is always something else to do. I worry that the anticipation of the read will be better than the reading itself. There is the worry that to really get into the book will require a lot of dedication, rather like ploughing through a cake you enjoyed the first few mouthfuls of but towards the end realise you are chomping through sheer bloody-mindedness.

War and Peace was like this. I tried, I really did, but it defeated me. I couldn’t keep track of the story or all the characters. I managed one and a bit books within it but in the end my mind read the words but didn’t really comprehend their meaning.

And today’s tenuous connection to Kate vs The Dirtboffins ? Well, most of you are looking at the book without being able to read it. In a way you are viewing it through a pane of glass, you can look but not touch. Don’t worry though, in the absence of a real publishing deal, we are working on ideas to at least let you have a bit of a taste. Watch this space…

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