Cup cake week day 7 – Yummy

Phil: So at the end of a weeks work of cake, what have we learned ?

Well, I discovered I can relate any form of cake imaginable to books, and specifically our book. It’s a useful skill that takes pride of place at the head of my CV and should ensure lucrative employment. Or possibly a stay in a padded room.

Oh, the last cake ? A simple Tesco chocolate cupcake with a Chinese Ball Cake balanced on top of it.


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3 responses to “Cup cake week day 7 – Yummy

  1. I thought you were building up to a crescendo with a real humdinger of a cake for the end-I feel a little dissapointed. UNLIKE your book that has a tasty beginning, a nice centre and a very satisfying ending with plenty of crumbs left over for a sequel. Still don’t like the wrapper though.

  2. Me too. The plan was that our Sunday writing session would be crowned by a delicious purchase from the Fallen Angel Bakery. Unfortunately, the person in charge of this was out clubbing until 2am…

  3. You just can’t get the staff these days.

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