A woman can never have too many shoes

Candice:  Enough with this cakeness – not that I can eat any as have bikini to get in to soon!

As any woman will tell you, you can never have enough shoes.  Though I have to say, looking at my joint wardrobe at home (plus the shoes in the loft and garage), my other half is catching up!

Anyway, I love shoes.  I’m a big fan of handbags too, but they are less of an impulse purchase, mainly because I only like designer handbags, so I keep my shoe collection stocked up and the handbags are more birthday and Christmas.

On an aside, if anyone can recommend how to get a leather Marc Jacobs bag cleaned, would be much appreciated.  It’s a light tan leather and the handles and base are looking abit grubby.

Both Kate, our protagonist and Tracey, the book’s other main female character, also have my shoe fetish, though they wear the ones I can only afford on real special occasions – Kirkwood, Louboutin, Choo.  Ah, one can dream…  Their shoes and clothes are integral to the reader’s interpretation of their character, though their outfits are abit more sensible that those in Sex and the City.

So, starting a new job recently, abit of a wardrobe revamp was required to fit with the new image.  Couldn’t really afford or justify a whole wardrobe change, so decided to opt for a few new pairs of shoes.

Over the last few years I’ve worked in a few different places, some of which I had to travel by train to, and some by car. Now this means different shoes as train equals walking a distance the other end, car equals struggling to change gear with heels but being able to change when you get there. So I’ve got sensible shoes for walking and not so sensible for car based jobs.

The new jobs is a drive so I decided it was time for something abit snazzier.  I also feel that one:  you feel more professional in heels and two: smart shoes make a better impression.

So, the other half and I had decided that it was time for a mini break (in a Bridget Jones stylie), so off we toddled to Grantham.  Now, those of you who might have been near Grantham may have heard of “Downtown”.  It’s an out of town department store with a Boundary Mill thrown in.  We’d not heard of it but drove past on the way to the hotel and thought “hey up, lets have a look.”

Two hours later I’d was in shoe heaven, as, when I’d got past the “Padders” I found the LK Bennett department.  I spent a blissful half hour trying on every style available in my size.

After getting my chosen purchase home, I decided they didn’t quite go with the outfits as I’d planned.  So, a week or so later I toddled of to the local Boundary Mill to return them.  Ah, but things aren’t that easy are they.  In Walsall, they had an even larger selection (and Hobbs too) so, after a break for coffee and muffin while deciding, I came home with not one but two pairs of LKB shoes.

And they have gone down great guns at work.  They are both snakeskin, one set bright green, the other blues and greens.  Popping pair of those out from underneath a table at the end of a sensible meeting has certainly generated some conversations, and reputation for great shoes!

Trouble is – I want more.



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3 responses to “A woman can never have too many shoes

  1. Same with cakes and beer and cheese and wine – always want more but not shoes. Had to buy a new pair as back in UK next month for a wedding and a pair of old trainers, wellies or sandals don’t fit the requirements according to my wife. Found some on a market stall on way back from the beach last week, second pair I tried on, sorted in four minutes.

  2. Those are some snazzy shoes…

    I recently bought my first pair of Manolos (holy s–t they’re expensive) to wear for my wedding…burgundy patent leather slingbacks. They were the hit of the day. I’m still gobsmacked by paying a months’ groceries cost for them, but they are to die for. And, yes, now I want another pair.

    As for cleaning leather, ask your cobbler; they will use gasoline.

  3. ah Manolo’s, I’m not jealous at all! I have some Choos which I bought for my wedding, most comfortable yet stylish shoes ever.
    Interesting re the bag – I’ll look into that.

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