Stylish, me?

Candice:  I managed to get an invite to the Style Birmingham Launch event the other week.  This is about the fourth year that Birmingham has held this kind of event and somewhere along the way I’ve been involved in some shape or form.  It’s an interesting premise that they have tried to get off the ground outside of Brum, catwalk shows and in store events over a weekend.  Its all quite exciting for the second city, which gets bashed on a regular basis as being behind Manchester on the style stakes.

This year’s was in the Town Hall, a rather sumptuous building designed by the same chap who created the Black Cab.  I could go on, as I did the reopening of it many years ago, but I wont bore you.  Just to say, as my sister and I sat down in the circle seating to watch the show I said “I’ve touched that ceiling,” and pointed 100 ft up.  It was an interesting experience for someone who doesn’t like heights!

Hosted by George Lamb, it was a chance to see what was going to be hot fashion wise and get some ideas for my two fashionistas, Kate and Tracey.  Their characters are very image driven and I need to keep up to date with new styles and brands to mention this in the new book and future short stories. I have to say, it was more high street than high end so not as many ideas as I’d hoped but I think my sister and I came out with a long list of purchases!

The biggest shame was the lack of after party.  After much primping, it was all over in an hour and then we went home.  The previously mentioned shoes did good though, surviving a 10 minute walk to and from the carpark.

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