Writer’s Block

Candice:  I can’t think of anything to write….

Seriously this week my writing mojo has been off and I haven’t been able to think of anything to write about in the blog. I keep starting themes and then either forgetting the idea or not thinking I can find enough to write about.  I will blame this partly on my job which, after the recovery week post holiday, has got abit busy again this week.  I had to present to the big cheese on Friday and that was a bit daunting (don’t know why, she was lovely but people do like to pile the pressure on).

Anyway, I was going back to Phil’s post about writing tools.  We had a lovely comment from someone who used to have a dictaphone by his bed but whispering in to it frightened the wife.  I can understand that but sometimes just being able to get that idea down when I’m on my way to or from the coffee machine, jogging on the tread mill or something would be good.  I have my trusty pad, lovingly covered with drawings of Ferragamo shoes, but its not always to hand.  But I have a Blackberry, which I believe has voice recording options, so I might have to give that a try.

I suppose it comes down to the fact I really want to get writing on book two. I’ve drafted the first chapter and I was really getting back into when I did that, but now it’s hard with everything else going on.  Phil mentioned a writer’s retreat, which I think is like a mini break without the passion. (Unless this is the one in the film Tamara Drewe ).  Me thinks that might have to be a consideration as this centres the mind and a week of pure writing would be lovely.  If not, we’ll have to find time to freeze in Solihull Library again!

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