What’s in a name?

Candice: Now you may be wondering where the name Nolan Parker comes from. Now, obviously it relates to our last names, yes Dear Reader I know you are not that thick, but why not just put our two full names? Phil may be able to remember the conversation as it would have happened at some point during our sojourn at the quango, but I assume it had something to do with simplicity.

I wonder, when that fateful meeting with the Agent happens, if they will suggest another change, abit like JK Rowling who was told to make her name more masculine for a boy reading audience (ah little did they know). Is Nolan Parker chick lit enough?

I actually quite like the name as I am trading under false pretences at the moment, as my husband will tell you. Nolan is my maiden name and I’m proud of its strong Irish roots. There are two girls in this side of the family, and my Dad only had a sister so we are the end of the Nolan line. Hence my requirement to dig my heels in and keep my name. Back this up with the fact I am self employed and trade off people knowing my name and it’s an uphill battle for him. Make me famous and I’ll definitely be on to a winner! (Though I do think Cheryl Cole has a better ring than Tweedy).

However, here is another option, courtesy of deed poll. As this BBC article will tell you, a lot of people are changing there names for all kind of reasons. There are some lovely examples in there, which I will leave you to read, though I have to say one of the best I have heard is Kate Winslet’s new squeeze – Ned Rocknroll…. Need we say more?

But they also have this corker…

“Other reasons include …married couples seeking to combine their surnames. Michael Pugh and Rebecca Griffin merged their names by deed poll to become Mr and Mrs Puffin when they married last year.”

Hum, that would make me Swolan or Nift.

Thoughts? What might you be?


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3 responses to “What’s in a name?

  1. Whether you are a Swolan depends on the amount of cake consumed doesn’t it ? 🙂

  2. The article suggests people pay for deed polls but I did mine for free, just used a statutory declaration wording and got a new passport and bank card and everything.
    Mind you, I couldn’t change my first name to Autumn until I had got married and my surname wasn’t Morton any more…

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