Gestalt entity

Phil: Last week Candice was ruminating on names, and especially the nolanparker one we write under. Apparently I am supposed to remember the conversation that lead to this.

But I can’t.

What I do remember, is calling it a gestalt entity (i.e. something which is greater than the sum of its parts), a term I nicked from Wikipedia where it is used by Grant Naylor, the author of the BBC TV series “Red Dwarf”. Grant Naylor is the writing partnership of Rob Grant and Doug Naylor. On the basis that this is good enough for the Beeb, then I don’t expect we will have any problems.

So, nolanparker it is. This signifies the blending process that produced our book. Hopefully you can’t tell which one of us wrote any particular paragraph, although you might make a stab at those which include fashionable names. Generally, even I can’t tell which bits each of us wrote and I was one of those wot wrote them !

Mind you, it would have been interesting to see how the story would have turned out if we’d each had a go on our own. I think the results would have been quite unlike the one we ended up with and I suspect, not nearly as good. There is something about working with a friend, but one who you can be honest with and will be honest with you, that can inspire comedy. Some of our more animated discussions would probably make popular YouTube clips with much arm waving and quite sureal ideas flying around.

For typography anoraks (there is at least one reading this) I like to use CentSchbookBT for the Nolan bit and @Gungsuh for the Parker (These are probably not the right names but that’s what Serif call them in the DTP package I used). The idea was to show that there are two people working as one. It’s probably going to be too subtle for our appearance on Top Gear though, Clarkson will get a real surprise when we both turn up for the “Star in a reasonably priced car” section of the program.

Anyway, the name sticks. We like it, unlike Hugh Fotherington-Simpson who had to become Andy McNab before they let him write those books and has whined about it ever since.


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2 responses to “Gestalt entity

  1. Century Schoolbook BT is a Bitstream version (redrawn for photosetting) of an old hot metal Linotype face and is a bit old fashioned. No idea what @Gungsuh is. You could try using the regular version of Adobe Garamond with the italic for a more sophisticated look – slimmer, more open and slightly smaller x height (the main bit of the face in relation to the bits that stick up and down). Nolanparker has a certain weight and seriousness, rather like a firm of undertakers.

  2. nolanparker undertakers has a certain ring to it ! Perhaps if the book doesn’t take off, it’s an industry we could move in to. At least the customers don’t complain…

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