Scrabbling around for words

Phil: As a writer, I am supposed to love words. Many people who do what I do, love nothing better than a night in reading the dictionary for new idiom to inveigle into their text, after watching the latest episode of Countdown anyway. Every morning they will be firing up the computer and watching as word of the day e-mails flood in. What they really look forward to is a good game of Scrabble.

The Guardian reports that Wayne Kelly has become the 2011 UK champion for the game.

Good for him. Even though I can’t get away from the feeling that “Caromel” is a mis-spelling and don’t know what half of the words on that board mean.

Words are, in my opinion, for communication. You shouldn’t be collecting them as random, disconnected collection of letters. There’s a good chance that the players don’t know the meanings. Even the tournament organiser admits that what you see on the board is “a very specialised vocabulary”. Arguably, you don’t even need real words. An agreed collection of random letters would do just as well. But then, that, for most people, is what the majority of the full dictionary is I suppose.

And since you as, I am rubbish at Scrabble, especially the computer version which I’m sure is cheating.


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