A tiny bit of reading

Phil: As I’ve mentioned in the past, in my spare time I build models of stuff. This weekend a boat I built is being exhibited at the International Model Boats Show and so I thought I’d better dust it off and make sure everything was ship-shape for the audience.

What I’d forgotten was that before putting it in store, I’d painted up a figure lounging around on the stern deck (back-end of the boat for you landlubbers) apparently reading. I’d just forgotten, or more likely not got around to, making up something for her to read. The solution was obvious – she should be reading Our Book.

A few minutes with a printer, some cardboard, glue and a sharp knife resulted in a 1/12th scale copy. Just the thing to read on a trip down a river.

Now, what I’m hoping, is that someone will be wandering around the exhibition, probably wearing an ensemble from the Marks & Spencer “Fashion that time forgot” range comprising a blazer with gold buttons, Commodore’s hat and deck shoes. They will spy the book and say “Avast there. That looks like a cracking good read your deck hand is engrossed in. I’m a big cheese in the publishing world yet I don’t recognise it. Could you point me and my cheque book in the direction of the authors.”.

Well it’s no more preposterous than a Dan Brown plot is it ?

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