Cake fueled discussions

  Candice: As I may have mentioned before I’ve been abit slack recently – due to the fact my work has got a tiny bit busy.  This has caused an inability to think about more than one thing at a time, unusual for a woman I hear you cry, but true.

However, things seem to be calming down and thus I have managed to fit in some meetings with my writing partner in crime.  We’ve found a new home too – Wellebourne Airfield.  ‘Huh’, says you, but no we don’t stand in the middle of the field and duck, or discuss while wing walking!  Its actually just 10 minutes from where I am working at the moment and has a cracking cafe that does a good line in jackets…. and cakes.

It also comes with the added bonus of an interesting character behind the counter.

Trip one two weeks ago and after being served we both sat down, looked at each other, and said “He’s got to go in the next book.”  Why, I hear you cry, well it would be the great line in depreciating comments.

“Oh, you’ve finished have you.” “That will be £3 for the meal, oh you’ve noticed, you’ve read the board, damn really should take that down as dont want the customers to know how much its worth…” and we could go on.  Imagine this said with a Basil Fawlty delivery and you are on mark.

To cap it all – last time we went we had both eaten lunch so it was straight to cake.  I had the coffee and walnut, Phil the carrot.  I don’t think mine touched the sides on the way down, partly due to hunger as well as quality of cake!  However, after this influx of sugar we were off.  The next thing we knew there were ideas left right and centre, and returning to the office was really an interruption.  I wrote up some notes on email, Phil argued the toss over some points – it was like old times.  Its a shame I can’t get him a job at our place, though we’d not get any work done!

So we are back off there on Thursday for more cakiness, lets hope it works its magic just as well.

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  1. Cake as a fuel could be used by OAP’s during the winter cold as they seem to eat vast quantities of it. My gran had a large variety of tins of various shapes and sizes each with a different one in. I especially liked the long one with a picture of the Haywain by constable on the lid which contained ginger cake. Since moving here, I have become rather fond of the Gateau Basque which, strangely, is a cake from the Basque region. It is typically filled with pastry cream. But an alternative is cherry jam. The cake part is typically sourdough or almond cake. After an evening of several aperatifs, there are often fights in the sidewalk cafes of the rather seeder areas of Pau, as to whether the gateau is a cake or tart. Some people, notably from the Gers just over the border, would have it that it is a pie which is, of course, totally ridiculous. We keep ours in an octagonal tin with an engraving of Henry the 4th on the lid. It is best accompanied by a large glass of Madiran Rouge at about 11pm on a Friday night.

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