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Kate had managed to finagle an introductory conference call with the HIA team.  Strangely it hadn’t been that hard work, Olive had positively been brimming with ideas for them and seemed to be happy to set this up, Kate hoped that the rest of the job would also be a walk in the park!


1. (tr) to get or achieve by trickery, craftiness, or persuasion; wangle
to use trickery or craftiness on (a person)

Phil: Did you know what finagle means ? Before you read the definition above, obviously.

I did, but one of our test readers didn’t. It’s this sort of input that is so important and the only way you get it is by asking people. When you are a writer you tend to cultivate a high reading age (because we are clever people you understand, or you would if you were as erudite as us wot make words) simply by reading loads of stuff. The trap I fell in to was using a word that I might know but some of my audience didn’t.

This is a classic faux pas. Years of creating web content and then testing it on people have taught me that you can’t second guess your audience and just when you think you can, they will come back and bite you on the backside. You can’t complain, just live with it and move on. I could moan that I’m not writing for idiots but since my reader isn’t, then that’s no excuse.

Reading chick-lit, especially  genre shattering chick-lit comedy like Kate vs The Dirtboffins, should be like driving along a well maintained road. Smooth and pleasurable with not too much thinking required. If we dig a pothole then the ride is ruined. Finagle is a pothole.

So, Kate now blags the conference call and harmony is restored.


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