Feeling Squeamish ?

Be nice to me. I gave blood today.Phil: Does the sight of blood turn you weak at the knees ?

I’m lucky in that I’m not bothered. The claret can be running in the streets and I’ll probably be OK. Giving blood doesn’t bother me, I’ve been doing it for years and as long as I don’t watch the needle go in or out, I’m fine. The staff might try to hide the donation from sight out of deference to the giver but I want to have a good look and even poke at the bag to see how warm it is. After all, I might change my mind and decide I want to keep it !

Candice is not so lucky. Needles are the problem. Which makes it a bit of a surprise that she wrote one of the our lead characters as a bit squeamish. The central love story involves this foible and we’ll be using it for comic effect in the future. Maybe it’s a case of “write what you know” but I suspect that the fact it’s not the strong female lead that is afflicted but the object of her affections that has been hobbled might be more telling !


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3 responses to “Feeling Squeamish ?

  1. Andy in Germany

    Phil: Does the sight of blood turn you weak at the knees ?

    Hopefully not, as I’m applying for training as am ambulance driver… Now there’s a few good stores in the making…

  2. Lots of stories, many of them to be found here: http://randomreality.blogware.com/

    An excellent (now discontinued) blog that spawned two books and a (sort of) spin off TV series.

  3. Depends on the context and the quantity; if it’s mine because I’ve chopped something off, definately a leg collapsing situation but someone elses, so long as there are no severed bits lying around, not so bad.
    So something good has come out of Big Brother. Hope the series it is as good as Lodon’s Burning back in the 80’s.

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