Candice: Our regular readers may have noticed a lack of activity in the Nolan part of Nolanparker.  This is has been some what related to sheer volume of work and lack of computer for the last month.  The iPad is lovely but it has its limitations, as does my work laptop which only has IE6 and therefore can’t cope with most sites (yes, don’t ask, we complain alot too!).  Volume of work is another story, two projects launching at the same time means that Nolan hasn’t always known which way is up. 

However, good news on two fronts:  one – launch date next week then might be able to see wood for trees, two – COMPUTER IS FIXED!  Hallelujah, I hear you cry, OMG its been along time coming.  Broke down between christmas and new year, and newly fixed machine returned on Friday.  I’ve just spent the last three hours installing driver software, configuring emails etc.  Post over and I’m going to die on the sofa with the Sunday Times as that was quite enough!

You just dont realise how reliant we are on these things until you lose them.  Banking, bills, holiday shopping, even music. And most definitely writing.  After Phil’s and my brain storming session over christmas it was all systems go in Jan… it’s now the 6th Feb and we’ve moved precisely no where.  Of course this is always related to time allocation as much as computers, January has been a busy month outside work, getting rid of those christmas pounds in the gym as well as celebrating the other half’s birthday (nice weekend break in Chichester).  But, it really has been the computer as I have tried to write on the pad but without a proper screen and key board its only really good for emails and short notes.

So, my new years resolution starts in Feb.  And it’s not to give something up, its to get back into something.  Time will be allocated to the thing I’ve not had time or technology for, but which the brain never stops thinking of ideas about – the Book.  Both 1 which needs editing, and 2 which needs starting!

Slightly delayed too but really like this post about getting those writing resolutions for 2012. http://suehealy.org/2012/01/02/new-year-ships-log/


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