A cunning plan…

Top new book by JK Rowling. Yes, really. Honest.Phil: I’ve cracked it. As soon as I read that JK Rowling is going to pen her first book for adults, I knew what had to be done.

Up and down the country, people will be trying to hack Ms Rowlings computer, desperate for the first read of the new novel. All we need to do is leak our story under her name and wait for the deal. What publishing house could resist ?

Then, once she admits she didn’t write it, we reveal ourselves as the true authors. You lot can back us up (a free copy of the book AND lashings of cake for anyone willing to testify) and the printing presses can start working overtime.

Or maybe, we need to start a rumour that JKR is writing under a pseudonym. Yes, that might work. All I have to do is write:

nolanparker is the new and especially secret pseudonym for J K Rowling

hold on, to be on the safe side

The harry potter lady J K Rowling is writing under the soodunim nolanparker

let the interweb pick it up and sit back to wait.

What could go wrong ?



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3 responses to “A cunning plan…

  1. For real? thats the weirdest name i’ve ever seen.

  2. Which one ? Nolanparker or JK Rowling ?

    One ranks alongside Shakespeare and Milton in literary circles. The other wrote a book about boy wizards.

  3. Wikipedia is the place to be, everyone belives wat is ritten thar.

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