Overkill on the testosterone

Candice:  As a writer, in the loosest sense of the term obviously, I read books with a slightly different eye these days.  It’s the same with TV, as my other half has found having dipped into the land of extras work in the last year too, you can’t watch TV or especially a show you are in and just watch it any more.  You are too busy watching the extras.

Anyway, I’ve just finished my latest read.  Its been awhile since I read a book as, not commuting or having had a holiday yet this year, time to sit down and read is lessening.  Phil lent me “Blott on the Landscape” weeks ago and I’m only half way through.  I think that is partly related to the fact it feels dated now when it didn’t when I read it 15/20 years ago.  Still very funny in places !  However, my latest book was given to me by my Sister.  I’m not sure where she got it from because it doesn’t seem like her usual read but it is “Empire of Gold” by Andy McDermott.

I’ve not heard of him before but this is the fourth or fifth book in this series so I was a bit confused with characters on first read.  The premise is a man and wife team who investigate archeological finds which lead them to much bigger things.  By this point they’ve unearthed most of the seven wonders of the world!  This book is based around them finding El Dorado, the lost ancient city of gold built by the Incas.  All well and good thinks I, a bit Da Vinci Code then.  However, being a writer and general liker of strong female characters this book got on my nerves.

The main female character is intelligent but keeps getting into scrapes which her ex SAS hubby has to retrieve her from.  Ok, not so bad.  But the way he does it is way above the usual over dramatised saving level taken by your Indiana Jones etc.  It really does get a bit silly and the body count is huge!

But I can see the appeal to an Agent.  Series – tick, fast paced male/female audience tick, market it on the back of Da Vinci style thrillers – tick.  They would have seen pound signs all the way.

But hang on thinks I, series – yep we’ve got that, male/female pacey – deffo for former working on later, thriller – ok not so much but with the ideas I have (when I finally get the computer fixed and can do some writing) I think we can get to that.

So, why have we not been picked up…..I think I’m going to research Mr McDermott and see what worked for him.


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