Joining the Twitteratti

Candice: I’ve been pondering how the help more people became part of our small, tight group.  Regular readers, we know you like to dip into the land of nolan parker for some humour and light relief from the day to day monotony.  So, we want to make as many people as possible aware so they can experience this.  We’ve already done some local PR and got a mention in the media but the odd bit of press coverage a larger following does not make.

So, I’ve been playing with Twitter.  It’s a funny entity, social media.  I was abit unsure about Facebook when I joined it a few years ago. But I’d been made redundant and thought I’d have a play.  The development of a Blackberry in my mobile arsenal and its App for Facebook, six months after joining, and suddenly I could see what those people I’d once been friends with a school had been up to at any time of day or night.  So, when people started going on about Twitter, I thought what is the point?  I can talk to everyone I want to via Facebook, see photos of what they had been up to and post pictures of my holidays and car when I wanted to brag.

But, since the purchase of my iPad, plus buying “Social Media for Dummies”, I have started to get an idea what the fuss was about.  Yes, you have to be more careful about what you say to whom as it’s open to everyone but, I can plug away for the blog and the book with a hope that someone who has some influence might read our lowly blog and think, “hey, they sound interesting.”

So I’m following some key people – Steven Moffat, Doctor Who and Sherlock Writer (because I’m a big fan of both), Stephen Fry (’cause everyone else does), Daisy Waugh (from the Sunday Times) some writing posts and some actors from the series I like – New Girl and Lost Girl for a start.  I’m still playing with it at the moment but I keep looping these people into comments and hoping that they might reply.  It would extra cool to get someone famous (or semi famous) to respond.  Fingers crossed and I’ll keep you updated.  If you want to follow – @seemecomms.

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