Stealing our Thunder!

Candice:  Phil has a particular bone to pick with Celebs who seem to get their books, what ever drivel they are, published really easily.  I remember him coming to me particularly annoyed after hearing Tess Daly on the radio, talking about her latest book, and saying the whole process had been particularly easy and then she was off to the next thing while she had her publishing deal ticking away in the background.

Now, I don’t dislike Tess, she seems like a nice down to earth sort of girl, but in between presenting Strictly and sorting our her husband’s sexts, she’s whipped out the obligatory 80,000 words and then carried on, while the rest of us are struggling to get a deal and hold down the day job.  Phil is convinced you have to be a celeb to get published.

I don’t particularly agreed but I do think swishy hair and being on telly can’t hinder.  I’m trying, I have the hair (when I can be bothered to straighten it) and I am on telly, occasionally, but of course you only see my arm, leg or back most of the time ( which can’t help!).

However, the final nail in the coffin is an article I caught over the weekend, how she was in LA to discuss the film they are planning to make from her book.  “WHAT” you cry.  I want to be wandering around in the sunshine on someone else’s dollar, please.  And to cap it all, she’s been pictured wearing the green dress from M&S Limited Collection I was going to get for my birthday party, and I can’t find it in stock anywhere now.  Hum, maybe I don’t quite like her so much any more!!!

But, I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt.  I’m off on holiday soon, so I’ll do some research while I relax.


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5 responses to “Stealing our Thunder!

  1. Zen

    Phil is probably right; lately it seems that all celebrities are getting book deals, even the likes of Snooki and Kim Kardashian have books, and it’s annoying, really, how they get everything on silver platters. =/

  2. Ahhh so surely the solution is to…become a celebrity! It seems really easy to me. Obviously some things might hold you back, like a sense of dignity. But once you’ve over the too-much-common-decency hurdle, just get yourself into a five-in-the-bed narcotics-infused bed romp with some footballers and an MP, sell it to the Daily Fascist, and you’re away. I can provide some quotes for them. “I used to read their blog,” said Autumn, 35, of Lancashire. “You could tell they were gonna go bad but no one thought they’d do THAT with modelling balloons to the Bishop of Lincoln.”

  3. I suppose, if looked at objectivly, publishing is a business and if you have the choice, then a name that is easy to sell is a lot more appealing than one that no-one has heard of. To be honest, the name is the most important thing, the actual writing stuff can be farmed out to someone who won’t get mentioned. That doesn’t make it any more galling though.

    Now, where are my modelling balloons. I have an appointment with the Bishop of Lincoln…

  4. I was going to suggest that you change your name to one similar to a well-known celeb but Candice is quite exotic and memerable already. What we need to do is to start a viral Facebook/Youtube/Twitter campaign thing about you and the book. (I’m sorry to say that Phil might have to be a bit in the background for this).

    • No worries Neil. I’ve always felt that we are a bit like the Pet Shop Boys in this respect – you generally see photos with Neil Tennant at the front and the other bloke no one can remember, out of focus in the background wearing a silly hat. I have a selection of silly hats.

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