A naked lady stole my homework. Honest.

BurlesquePhil: Some achieve procrastination, if they get around to it. Other have procrastination thrust upon them.

I had an evening earmarked for the 5-page challenge. Tea and chocolate were to hand. The computer was warmed up and ready to go. I even had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to write. Not a finished article you understand, but enough to get started with and watch develop on the page. I even had a killer first line. The deadline for when my tanned friend returns was focussing my mind too.

Then a ‘phone call from work. They were short of a person to steward a show. No one else was available, would I go in. Grrrr

Which is how I spent the evening when I should have been writing, looking after a burlesque show. Keeping tabs on the audience while a pretty lady took her clothes off on stage. It’s not my fault at all.

Never mind, there is always tomorrow. And I’ve still got that chocolate, so it’s not all bad.


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7 responses to “A naked lady stole my homework. Honest.

  1. introvertedblogger

    The greatest excuse known to mankind.

  2. How do you get ANY work done with that lady hanging around and dancing on your desktop?

  3. More blog posts like this please.

  4. The post was, as ever, erudite, informative and educational, so more like this please. Maybe you can use the enforced experience in the future?

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