New directions ?

Bakewell TartPhil: On the way to our latest lunch, I had to find a Post Office in a village. With rain hammering down and no obvious signs, I dropped into a bakers to ask for directions. Since it would be rude not to buy something I picked up a little Bakewell tart.

Posting done and at the cafe, we sat down. Candice immediately said “No social chat, no talking about the weather. We need to talk about writing”. Her tone made it clear that she would brook no deviation.

So we talked book. As regular readers will have noticed, apart from a bit of fiddling around, we have achieved the square root of bugger all for the last few months. This is really frustrating as we’ve both been published in the past (Fashion, model making and old cars since you ask. Who would have expected Nolan to be so familiar with the torque wrench ?) on our own but not as a writing team and never for fiction. Both of us feel that we can keep plugging away at The Book or even The Next Book but it’s a soul-destroying business. We need a quick fix.

A few days earlier we’d shared lists of book clubs and short story competitions. What we need is to get out of our comfort zone and write different stuff. With that in mind we ran over some of the ideas bandied around over the last year or so.  Out of this grew an idea for a short story. More importantly, we were bouncing ideas around like the old days when we started writing. By the end of our 45 minutes a narrative arc was drawn out that just (Just !) needs filling in. The conversation had been so intense I hadn’t even finished my lovely, but slightly stodgy and oversize carrot cake. Good job I had something to help me through the afternoon.

Before we do there is the little matter of finding a target for our efforts. Initially it’s going into competitions and that means being conscious of word counts and genres. One day we will be in print as Nolanparker. Then the publishing world will realise what they are missing.


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4 responses to “New directions ?

  1. Good luck with the new direction. Lovely to get a fresh start.

    • I think it’s a bit like going to the gym. If you keep doing the same exercise then your body doesn’t see any benefit. Working different muscles is essential and perhaps we’ve been too focused on one thing. Hopefully any experience will pay off when we return, and we will return, to The Book.

  2. Um, what do you know about going to the gym ?

  3. That’s the idea. Keep going chaps. Stiff upper lip, Rome wasn’t built in a day and all that.

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