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Tea and ToastPhil: Regular readers might have spotted that we mention food quite a bit on this blog. It is true that we frequently discuss our literary ambitions over cake and so it would be wrong of us not to mention the subject occasionally. Besides, we want to be commercial authors and lots of people like cake so why not like people who write about cake too ?

Man cannot live by cake alone no matter what any French Queen likes to suggest. Sometimes he needs food that tunes his brain in to doing some work.

I often find myself sat in front of a keyboard, knowing I have a couple of thousand words ahead of me and not really feeling in the mood to let them flow from my fingertips. There is one sure-fire way of changing this situation:

Toast and Marmite.

The yeasty goodness seems to throw a switch in my head that gets the creative juices flowing. Two slices seem to be enough, and on mass-produced bread. The good stuff is a luxury and more suited to reading books in front of a fire than writing by the light of a monitor.

Does anyone else have foods that perform the same function ? Is there a list of writing superfood somewhere ? Is it likely to contain tofu ?


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4 responses to “Writing food

  1. Zen

    Chocolate! Every time I’m drawing a blank, I only need to eat chocolate to rectify that. Works like a charm.

  2. neilsidea

    Write what you know about-so next book has to be set in a bakeryI
    In our nearest small town we have a new boulangerie. A young family has opened it with mom, two children under ten, grandma and a sister and dad who is a bit grumpy lookings. They make and bake their own bread. As well as six different types of baguette there is one variety that is round and black, the size of a dinner plate and is called a Viking. After much merriment with me miming a Viking helmet we still didn’t know it was called that. But it is the cakes that take the biscuit. Only small portions available but so tasty and expensive – cake Nirvana!

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