Stirring the creative juices

Patriotic afternoon teaPhil: It’s a couple of years since we started writing The Book and at least 12 months since we considered it finished enough to hand out to test readers. Since then, much cake has been eaten, several attempts have been made to punt the manuscript to agents. We’ve met a few people in the book publishing business. Revisions to the text have been considered.

Basically, we’ve talked a lot and written very little.

But, all this has changed recently. While generating enthusiasm for the inevitable editing and re-writing process on Kate vs The Dirtboffins has been difficult, we have become little creative powerhouses in the short story world.

Candice mentioned one of our first efforts “The Cathedral Killer” recently but since then we’ve completed another story and have two more on the stocks going through the process of being refined. Last week we met up, took the photo above, and set ourselves a deadline to each write 1000 words by the following Friday (tomorrow). We had both done our homework by Tuesday – that’s how much we wanted to do this.

Both efforts are completely different to anything else we’ve written, including the other shorts. These little side projects have freed our creative juices a bit. The vague plan is to have produced enough decent efforts to self-publish a collection by Christmas. Some of these will have been entered in writing competitions. At least two will have been picked up for major feature films which I am told will star George Clooney. Hmmmm. Well, we’ll do the book anyway.

The moral of this story appears to be that if you want to write – WRITE SOMETHING. It doesn’t matter what, just bang the keyboard. Yes, you need to plough through the big manuscript but if you aren’t enjoying it, go and write something else for a bit. You’ll need to do all the same processes on the short as the novel, but the pain will be over quicker. If we are anything to go by, it gives you fresh perspectives on the main project.


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5 responses to “Stirring the creative juices

  1. Just as the sun comes out and it gets a bit hot, you transport me back to cold, dark and wet England, thanks a bunch.

  2. Creative juices eh? Don’t talk to me about……….With me paintings it’s a bit difficult to know what to paint that will appeal to art lovers or anyone who has an odd mark on the wall that one of my canvases will cover. Our friend Jean Phillipe who’s products are very popular, is a snail farmer so I thought, no, not snails but he does live near Bergerac, Bordeaux and St. Emilion which is visited by thousands of tourists who I’m sure would like a momento of their visit. So off me and the wife went to stay with him for a few days last Autumn and I took loads of pics and got the old juices going. The landscape is not very different but architectural styles are, so this encouraged me to get painting. Upshot is that I managed several paintings with another 3 on the go and they were accepted by a gallery just south of Bordeaux and they want some more at the end of the month! Mine are the vignobles 1/2 and the ferme Basque.

  3. Who said anything about cold and wet ? That cake was eaten in baking sunshine.

  4. I was refering to The Cathedral Killer story which I read whilst enjoying an apéritif on the terrace yesterday evening.

  5. I got hungry just by looking at your post! =)

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