Retracing your steps

Candice: Things have been busy in the Nolan household that last couple of weeks, three weddings in the space of eight days.  So after another mad weekend we took ourselves to the Lake District for a mini break (in a Bridget Jones stylie).  It was actually also an excuse to revisit the place I went to University, as I havent been back in around 15 years.

Well Friday walking around Grizedale Forest was everything I remembered, great sculptures, no-one around and beautiful scenery.  Saturday we got up and went into Lancaster to see where I used to hang out.  Old house, check, still in a state and obviously still student digs.  Lancaster Castle, having a recreationists weekend so people walking around in 17th Century uniforms.  Lancaster town centre…. well, when I went to Uni here it was a nice, middle class town, with a smart high street and lots of pubs.  (Lots of pubs, great for pub crawls from house to Student Union).  But, the more we walked around the more I thought, oh how things have changed.  The town centre is full of pound shops and just feels a bit rough.  The pubs are all still there but it’s really gone down hill.  Rich and I stayed for an hour and then said, “Time to leave.”  What a shame, I know we all remember things with rose-coloured specs but this was a real blow for my memories.  I had a great time at Lancaster University, met some nice people and learnt a bit, in between pub crawls.

The Union is still there, within stumbling distance of the town centre.  Randomly called the Sugar House, I used to DJ there, when at Uni, ah those were the days on the decks…..

Re-reading parts of our book and other writing I wondered if I had applied the same memories to them.  But no, one year on since really attacking the book I still like it, I just realise where some of the holes are and perhaps how we should rework it, no rose-coloured specs here.  The trouble is I also want to write other stuff and find it hard to keep retracing my steps through something I have done so many times now, to try and make it fresh again.  I suppose it’s the difference between walking round Stratford, something I do every week, and going back to Lancaster, a old memory but exciting again cause its different. But there wont be any pound shops in my book!

Let’s be honest, if Phil and could afford it we’d get a ghost writer in to take the meat of what we have written and make it a polished book, ’cause we just don’t have the time with all the ideas we have.

But lets be realistic, we just need to find some time and we’ll be off again, I’m sure we’d struggle to let anyone play with our little story.


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3 responses to “Retracing your steps

  1. Best of luck with getting a book published. I think lots of writers share that same path. But at least we’re all in it together. Most of the fun comes in the writing anyway, not what comes after 🙂


  2. Never go back! I returned to my old stomping ground of Dagenham, east London and over 40 years there have been some huge changes in some places but none in others. Recently visited Stratford which has been totally obliterated due to the Olympics, losing all it’s character in the process. Hopefully, it will stay nice and shiny and not descend into a weed-infested wilderness. It will take a lot of money to keep it looking good.
    When reading modern books, the main thing that changes is the technology-the number of times a character uses a mobile phone or their computer. In The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy there is a lot of description of which particular Macs the characters are using which quickly dates the books.
    Was hoping for some pics of your earlier visit!.

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