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Candice: You may have noticed I’ve been a bit quiet for the last month.  Initially it was due to the fact I was whizzing off to Rome for  a weekend break, my belated birthday present from the other half.  However, returning from that I went into two weeks of running around the country and then capped it off with a funeral.

And the funeral is the reason for this post.  It was my Dad’s sister who passed away, on the 23rd September.  To cut along story short, she and my Dad fell out 20 years ago and I have been trying to get them back together ever since.  However, another strong-minded female member of the family as she was, she wouldn’t move on the idea. But with my regular contact with her, she was finally coming round and then she had a stroke. Luckily my Dad did then get to visit her in hospital and it was like nothing had happened.  However, with everything that was going round in the life of me I just didn’t get to see her enough before she passed away.  My sister and I were due to visit her on the Sunday she died and I was gutted when I found out she had passed away that morning, I just wanted a chance to say good-bye.

Life runs so fast these days and we just aren’t very good at sitting down for 10 minutes and picking up the phone, or finding time to visit someone in need.

So I’m going to do my best to try harder, as I’m still really cut up about not seeing her before she died.  Everyone keeps telling me she wouldn’t have known I was there, but I think she would.

It’s all down hill to Christmas now, but I am rapidly booking in as many teas/drinks/meals/nights out with friends to make sure I can keep up with everyone.

So make sure you do too – because those people might not be there tomorrow.

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