Parker’s Guide – On Sale Today!

Parker's GuidePhil: I’ve been waiting 18 months to write that.

On this blog, I try to keep my model-making activities under wraps but today, I don’t care how much eye-rolling Candice* does, I won’t be shut up.

Today you can go to WH Smith, Sainsbury supermarkets or many on-line book shops and buy my new bookazine.

Inside the high-quality soft, shiny covers, you find 130 pages where I show you how to complete over 30 model making projects. Each one is profusely illustrated in colour and surrounded by text in what one review described as  my “cheery, light and informative style”.  I recon that for your money you get 50,000 words from the very depths of my mind. That’s got to be worth every penny of the £7.99 purchase price.

Some might wonder how I managed to recycle a load of old magazine columns into a new publication. Well, they have all been revised and re-photographed where necessary. In addition you get a few new projects including which take advantage of the greater flexibility available to the editors when not having to produce a balanced edition. Personally, I think All Me is perfectly balanced but others may beg to differ. I would agree that my mug shot on page 3 could have been smaller though.

While I’ll happily admit that for the non-nerd, there probably isn’t a great deal of interest between the covers, I am very pleased with it. Yes I did spot a mistake within 5 minutes of reading but I bet most authors get that. If I keep quiet, then perhaps no-one will notice.

You can buy Parker’s Guide on-line from the publisher.

A full listing of the contents can be found on my model making blog. (Warning, contents may contain traces of dork)

*That’s the same Candice who once wrote me a press release for a model railway exhibition that Ellie at Radio CWR described as “a masterpiece”.


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2 responses to “Parker’s Guide – On Sale Today!

  1. That’s my dad’s christmas present sorted! Awesome. Can I get it signed? ;-P

  2. Signed copies are available – drop me an e-mail phil (at)

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