Creativity comes in many forms

Candice : I’ve just come back from a lovely holiday in Mexico.  I can certainly recommend the place, friendly people, lots of things to do and sights to see.  I’ve now seen two of the new seven wonders of the world in six weeks, need to keep this up!

Sitting around the pool all day didn’t make my creative juices flow so much, as just allow my mind to relax for a while.  However, I did read five (yes that’s right five) books so I have lots of new reviews for you.  I also watched some films I wouldn’t have seen at the cinema on the plane so I have content for the blog for weeks and weeks (Phil will be glad as he has been propping this blog up for weeks!)

However, I did see some stuff that made me smile.  We stayed in our resort for 11 nights, and each day when we came back from chilling there would be a new surprise in the shape of a decorative design with our towels.  Yes, that’s 11 different designs.  Some were better than others but we had:  an octopus, two elephants, two fish plus others.

Image  Two people chilling!

Some sunbathing?

And finally … a little crab!


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2 responses to “Creativity comes in many forms

  1. IntrovertedSarah

    What a wonderful thing to do and very memorable.

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