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Candice: Has anyone been watching the programme Plebs?  We saw it advertised a few weeks ago and thought, hum that looks interesting, I’ll set the tivo box for this.

Well, finally got round to watching the first two episodes last night.  Sunday night is not a good night for anyone who works on Monday: that sudden realisation that you still have lots of things to do you havent done, all the ironing has piled up, its work tomorrow… everything that makes Sunday the day my friend used to get really grumpy about when we went to the pub quiz on that night.

So, I thought alittle Pleb action might lighten our load.  Plebs, for those not in the know, are the Plebians; ie the lowest of free men in Roman society.  It’s where the expression Pleb for the masses came from.  Plebs is set around three characters: Marcus the slightly more intelligent worker, Stylax his work colleague and flat mate, and Grumio, Marcus’ slave.  In half an hour they get up to a cross-section of hilarity, contrasting present day with Roman society.

It made Rich and I chuckle, in a way that we haven’t both laughed at something for a while.  Episode one was all about going to an Orgy, though really about how we can’t say what we mean to the girl that we like, episode two about a gladiator and how jealousy can make you do silly things.

The stories are entertaining, short and sweet and well played.  Stylax is played by the chap who was the stupid guy in Trollied (character very similar!).

One of the best bits is Marcus and Stylax’s boss.  She is the typical forceful woman trying to keep everyone in control in a man’s world and she had some brilliant one liners.  My favourite is Stylax sends out a memo to the whole company asking for a girl to go to the orgy with him.  The boss pulls him in, tells him he’s for it, and then says she’ll go with him.  His jaw hits the floor.

Well done for some good British comedy writing.  I like it as I can see some of the Roman history I like so much being played with, but its like taking a current day situation and saying ‘hey, Roman life wasn’t that different too’. I hope that Phil and I can take some nuggets from that and add them into the comedic part of our stories.

Annoyingly, the main chap is an absolute ringer for someone who I can’t place.  I’ve googled him and he’s not who I think he is – it’s really bugging me.


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2 responses to “Plebs

  1. Hmmm. Time to get me some catch-up TV I think so I know what my friend is rattling on about…

  2. OK – On catch-up I can watch “George and Mildred”, a terrible late 70’s “comedy” but NOR Plebs. Thank you ITV and Virgin Media. Well done. 😦

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