Dipping in the pot of inspiration

Phil has an idea !Phil: During our recent writing day over at Chez Nolan we knew that the only way any work is done at all is if we sit well away from each other, preferably in separate rooms so no chatting can occur. This is one of the reason libraries work so well for us but they were all shut ‘cos of Easter.  Anyway, I found myself sitting at the dining room table staring into my laptop screen trying to work out what I wanted to write.

I had a basic plan, just no idea how to form the words. A bit like a sculptor standing in front of a block of marble and trying to decide if he was going to carve a figure or unicorn.

What I wanted to do was bring the dark mystery element forward in the text. There’s a bit of whodunnit going on but we came up with it late and so the early chapters don’t mention it at all. This is rubbish as the final scenes largely revolve around this and so we need to make more of it.

But how?

As I sat there struggling, I read about 1/3rd of The Book without striking a seam of inspiration.

Then Madame came past for a glass of water and we briefly chatted. It was at this point it hit me. Not one of the famous Nolan “Jackhammer” right hooks as a punishment for producing no work while she had been slaving away to good effect. No, an idea. A way to introduce our characters to their dilemma without re-writing the entire book.

Happy, I went away and wrote a couple of pages. Which I promptly lost in a horrible computer saving incident. Still, the second go written the next day was longer, tighter and probably made more sense anyway.

Sometimes though, ideas appear just when you stop looking for them.

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  1. Crazy sometimes where that inspiriation chooses to strike! I feel the pain of computer-killed work, but I’ve also had a second run end up better for it (not that I want to wave that as a justification to fate or anything, mind you. (>^-‘)> )

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