The ‘Moonlighting’ Curse

BonesCandice : Was googling something the other day and came across a post about one of my favourite TV programs – ‘Bones‘ – describing how the impact of creating a romance between the two main characters has changed the show.

When the two main artists in a TV show get together it can be described as the ‘Moonlighting Curse’.  For those of you too young to remember this program it was about two characters David (Bruce Willis with hair) and Maddie (Cybil Shepherd) who were forced together so they could run a detective agency.  They hated each other and the ins and outs of their relationship is what created the drama in the TV show, mainly because, of course, they didnt really hate each other.  There was a lot of friction between them, on and off screen but the whole “will they, won’t they” was the main crux of the program.  And then, it was decided they would get together, and the program fell apart.  It lost it is frison and energy as they got all snuggly together.

Anyone writing about a male and female lead who might have romantic possibilities has this problem… do you ever let them get together?

Phil and I have been wrangling with this for awhile, as we have mapped out a seven book arch for our protagonist, Kate, and her love interest, Dave.  But we’ve been trying to work out how you might get them together without losing the drama, because but by not getting them together in this many stories it becomes unrealistic.

Bones‘ has had the same issue, but created as the main female character, played by Emily Deschanel, fell pregnant.  They had to write this into the series, hence they had to find a way for her to get pregnant.  They’d created an almost relationship with her and her sleuthing partner, played by David Boreanaz, but how to you move it on without losing what they had.

Hart Hanson, the creator of Bones says he thinks it has helped not hindered, as they are already seven series in, by adding an extra layer to the program.  Though, I think the fact they are cancelling the show means they can make it work for a short period of time.

I find it interesting that TV writers call it the ‘Moonlighting curse’ as that’s how I have described it to Phil, without even looking it up.

Its a problem I think we can fix, a bit like the way we are rewriting the book at the moment.  It might just take a fresh approach.


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2 responses to “The ‘Moonlighting’ Curse

  1. jess

    Sorry but Bones has NOT been cancelled. They actually got an early renewal by Fox and were renewed last January 2013 for a 9th season. And would like to do a 10th season creatively. AND Booth & Brennan have been a couple for 2 years going onto 3 next season.which is certainly not a short time period IMO…. Research please. Google is your friend.

  2. Interesting – I follow David B on twitter he had said it was cancelled so good news that it is to carry on. I’m still not sure how they will make the relationship stay true to their original characters though… hope they don’t get the moonlighting curse!

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