The words I must not type.

bubbleshooterPhil: You will notice that it’s double Phil this week. The other half of team nolanparker is performing some important research beside a pool in Italy. Apparently writers need to read a lot of novels and somehow this can be done best while topping up the tan and eating gelato.

I’ve been left some homework too, although how this works is unclear. When I was at school, the people going off got homework not the ones stuck at home. Anyway, my job is to stick all the bits of The Book back together into a single manuscript. We’ve been writing little inserts here and there and every so often they must be swept up and glued together or we’ll lose them. Apparently, this week is the best time to do this. And only one of us has access to a computer.

All this is fine. Once I get started writing I can sit here with my iPod on in a little world of my own writing story to my heart’s content. Time passes and when I look up, it will be a lot later then it was when I began. All I have to do is get started.

What I must never do is type the following words into the Google search box on my browser home page:

Flash Bubbleshooter

If I do, within a couple of clicks, I will end up at this site.

Do NOT click on that link or you too will find yourself mindlessly shooting coloured bubbles at each other in an effort to clear the screen.

I’m not big on computer games. Years ago I worked in an IT department that went through a phase of playing a networked 1st person shooter. I had a go but my character just wandered around bumping into things and being killed off by my colleagues. It was all a bit difficult and to be honest, I didn’t have the interest to practise enough to become average at it.

Simple to play games, what the industry calls “casual games”, are much more my cup of tea. Bubbleshooter is simple. Tetris is simple. That snooker game I had for a while on my phone was simple. The trick is not aspiring to anything above novice level. By doing that, you don’t lose quickly and it all becomes a bit addictive. At least I could un-install the snooker. Google is always waiting for me.

Which is bad news for getting things done.

To be fair, I’ve given up Tetris. I managed to clear 100 lines which in my head counted as success. I beat it and as long as I never play again, I’ll be fine. It’s a bit like packets of biscuits. If I don’t open them I’m fine. Once opened, they get eaten.

All writers procrastinate. Some chose to use computers without web access as there is nothing like the interweb for wasting time. I just feel I’m missing out. I get jittery and start checking e-mail on my phone. At least with it running in the background, an occasional quick look satisfies me.

Anyway, I’ve had my one game this evening. Now I better get to work or Candice will shout at me.

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