Writing a book is like doing a jigsaw, you have to make the bits fit.

Jigsaw-ingPhil: OK, so I’m working away on The Book. On the “to do” list we want to explain one of the minor mysteries in the story – one that used to be worked through at the start of the book but has now been turned into a running question.

Anyway, I find the perfect spot to put the scene in. It fits the mood. It brings our characters together. There’s even a slight pun in the actions which makes me happy and I think the result will make the reader smile.

The only trouble is that where I need to put the words, there is another scene that is essential to sow seeds of doubt into a characters mind and lay the ground for the next book.

All I have been able to do is displace the old scene and try to work out where we weave it back into the story. Fortunately, the timing isn’t particularly essential, a little earlier won’t be an issue. Our character can stew on it a little. She can act in spite of herself while her mind has a nagging doubt.

It’s a bit like doing a jigsaw. You have a picture to build and lots of bits that make it up. All you need to do is fit them all together. At the moment I’m doing the sky and two pieces looks like they should fit in the same hole. I’ve finished enough jigsaws to know that they go in different places and it’s only at the moment that I can’t spot the other gap.

Candice is back this week. Perhaps over some cake we can figure it out.


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  1. As it continues to bucket down, cake, jigsaw and a G and T would be perfect.

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