The World’s End


Candice: I went to the cinema on Sunday to see the final film in the Cornetto Trilogy, The World’s End.  Written by Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright the three films explore a typically British approach to the world falling apart around your ears, just carry on and ignore it!

The three films are “Shaun of the Dead“, “Hot Fuzz” and “The World’s End”.  I wont go into detail on each one but the premise is always a central character trying to find their way while Zombies, a Masonic Cult or Aliens are actually trying to kill them.

To quote Wikipedia:

“Each film in the trilogy is connected to a Cornetto ice cream, featuring scenes in which one of the main characters purchases a Cornetto of the appropriate flavour. Shaun of the Dead features a red strawberry flavoured Cornetto, which signifies the film’s bloody and gory elements,Hot Fuzz includes the blue original Cornetto, to signify the police element to the film, and The World’s End features the green mint choc-chip flavour in a nod to aliens and science fiction.”

Though on another wikipedia page it says it’s because Cornettos are a good hang over cure!

Phil and are always getting comments on how do we write together.  I think this is more interesting when you look at TV or film, as it’s quite common for a pair or even group of people to write this type of media.

It seems it’s all about plotting in their world.  I suppose if you have a timeline for a film, which actually likely to be a lot shorter than a book, then you can easily work out where things are going and what is character will bring.  I’d say that’s harder with a book as we didn’t know where we were going until half way through writing it, though that will probably be different with future books as we have the experience under our belt.

I think it’s also a much more collaborative process as a whole.  You see rooms of script writers throwing ideas around for a half hour comedy as it has to be fast and punchy.  A book has time to develop, hence how Phil and I could write whole chapters on our own.

I enjoyed the film, but not as much as Hot Fuzz.  The ending left me disappointed, I think there is a point where it could have ended sooner and I would have been happier.  I won’t tell you when as it will give the game away, just think sunsets.

As an aside, one of my claims to fame is meeting Simon and Nick at the Birmingham premiere of Hot Fuzz.  It was interesting as they are two very different characters, and this came across in the Q&A after, with Simon being very serious about his art and Nick more enjoying going along for the ride.



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