We all need a break

Orange junce@Pool sideCandice I’ve had an interesting few weeks trying to do too much in one go. It all came to a head yesterday at which point I decided I needed a break.

When Phil and I met the other week he had got me a copy of Daisy Waugh’s book, ‘ I don’t know why she bothers.‘ Signed no less. It was a really nice surprise especially as he also had a note from Daisy for me.

The title has really made me think about what has been going on and how we all push ourselves too much these days, we have to have cleaners and take out car to the car wash because we never have the time. Daisy’s book is all about working moms and how they are up baking cakes for little Tarquin’s school fete at 3am rather that saying ‘I don’t have the time, I’ll just buy one.’

So everyone, give yourself and break and go and have a nice afternoon with a good book, I certainly plan to.


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2 responses to “We all need a break

  1. I have 2 lists – one for when the weather is fine: veg plot, cutting back the trees on the terrace and getting them to form a canopy over the table, repairing the barn wall, new gates for the drive, stacking the winter wood, etc. One for the wet days: organising new paintings for a Christmas exhibition, wine label designs, new water colour sketches of local farm buildings, tiling the apartment floor, illustration for a client of his 50’s Land Rover, etc. Booked in (by my wife) are a trip up to the mountains and one to the seaside at Biarritz for moule and frite. I’m glad I’ve reached retirement age or I would be very busy.
    P.S. forget the weekend trip to our friends near Bordeaux to kill hundreds of snails!
    PPS I will find time to start the new railway layout before Christmas due to the discovery at the back of a shed of several sheets of blue insulation panels which will become the baseboards

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