White House Down

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Candice: Having recently been to Washington DC, I thought I have to watch one of the options available on the flight home from the States.  ‘White House Down’ is a drama about terrorists taking over the White House.

Now, does that sound really serious to you?  I knew what I was letting myself in for as Channing Tatum was in the film so this wasn’t going to be ‘Argo‘.

The film starts off well with Secret Service Agent John Cale (Tatum) wanting to take his daughter for a tour of the White House.  She’s a big fan of the government and this will tick all her boxes.  They are on the standard tour when the terrorists come in and all hell breaks down.  The quote is, ” We have lost the White House, the White House is down.”

The first part of the film gives me the tour I wasn’t able to do while I was there, having a nose round the state rooms and see what’s in there.  The second part however…

Once all hell breaks loose so does the plot line and reality, as we have the current president (Jamie Foxx) climbing up elevator shafts and dodging bullets while Cale does he best diving before a hail of gunfire and escaping dodgy scenarios.  He loses his shirt in the process and gets down to a dirty vest, think Bruce Willis in the Die Hard films.

The final nail in the reality coffin was when Cale’s daughter manages to escape when the back of the building is blown up and can be seen waving a US flag to the incoming planes.  I’m thinking they got some inspiration from ‘Apocalypse Now‘ and the statue of Iwo Jima.

To be honest it was complete American tosh but when you have a seven hour flight to fill it did exactly what it said on the tin. And Channing’s face and chest was enough to keep me happy for most of it.  (Watch ‘Magic Mike‘ if you want to see more.)

If you want a real girl’s night popcorn movie, then get this from lovefilm and turn your reality radar off.


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