Suspending disbelief

CronePhil: On Tuesday, Candice wrote about a film where both the plot and reality broke loose. This is a concept that exorcised me this week.

I was watching the film “Drag me to Hell“. It was on. I was in front of the telly. My of need was for some entertainment to stop my brain whirring rather than a conscious decision to view although I remembered reading about the film when it was released so I was a bit curious.

The plot revolves around a bank teller who, trying to prove she is tough enough for promotion, refuses to extend a home to loan to a wizened old crone. Said crone gets upset (she’s losing her house) and curses the teller. There’s a fight in a car park and lots of shouting and mystic stuff. You’ll not be surprised that it’s a romcom horror flick.

I got bored and switched it off after half an hour.

I’ve read horror but it’s not a genre I can really get in to. My problem is, I can’t suspend my disbelief sufficiently.

This is weird, because the other film I’ve caught up with this week is Star Trek: Into Darkness. I really enjoyed this even though it’s set in the future and there are space ships and it’s a “reboot” of a much-loved franchise. I don’t have a problem with this even though there is next to nothing familiar on-screen.

Perhaps it’s easier to accept a completely fantasy universe then a story based in reality where really strange things happen.

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