Warning: Men at work

Candice: We are currently having our kitchen re fitted – not a small job as it involves the removal of a chimney before they can start installing the kitchen.  It is now the start of week two and they have just starting putting the units in to what still looks a lot like a total mess to me.

Unfortunately this means most of my house looks like a building site as the workmen have been traipsing through with muddy boots and walking their mess and the brick dust through out the house.  Being a chimney removal, they are working upstairs as well as down which means you walk out of a ‘safe’ room into the mess in of the hall in the middle.

However, watching parts of this at work you realise it is all a craft.  They would struggle to understand what I do all day sat behind a desk or in meetings and I wouldn’t be able to skim at wall to to save my life.  But we all needs these parts to make a whole.  I didn’t realise just how many trades would be working in the house for a simple kitchen job.

It does make you think though as we all have a trade of some kind, and writing can be one of them.  To explain to someone outside of writing that you can be creating something productive by sitting in front of a screen for days on end could be hard.  But, unlike a plumber or electrician, it’s less tangible but just as worth while.  While they may be putting in my sink, sorting my light sockets and building me a new place for cooking which makes my life easier, then writing a book gives a different kind of pleasure.  I was talking to my swimming buddy yesterday about how I use the lengths of the pool to switch off from day to day, and going for a swim can often sort a problem I can’t solve if I sit and think on it too hard.  Well reading a book can solve another one of those issues we all face, stress, rather than the stress of cooking dinner every night.

So if you ever feel your writing is not a worth while cause think again,  it may not leave you with a freshly plastered wall or working dishwasher but its just as useful to people in other ways.



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2 responses to “Warning: Men at work

  1. Personally, I’m as in awe of anyone who can skim plaster on the walls and leave a perfect finish as I am of someone who can engage me with an gripping narative. Having tried both, I know how hard each is!

  2. Richard Swift

    Interesting to compare these two very different ‘trades’ and their similarities. I hope the result of the kitchen is to the standard of the article….

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