Doctor Who – a response

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Candice: I was going to write a review of the book I have finally finished reading – Dominion – tonight.  But after Phil’s Doctor Who rant the other day I’d like to put my two peneth in.

He’s right about Saturday night, but I really have got my anorak out, as one of my friends who is more into Who than me has booked us all tickets to see the episode in the Cinema.  Its funny, ’cause the other half and I have been planning to go for weeks to see “The Butler” after our American experience but as I keep mentioning decorating gets in the way.  So instead we are off to see this at the movies, and will have to fit the film in another time.  I am dying to see who is there, how many people dressed up as the Doctor and other characters.

I have to say I think my mate and I got off lightly when we went to the Experience in the summer.  It was mainly us and a big group of school children.  We let them play with the interactive stuff in the walk through experience part but we did have to have a go at the ‘sound like a dalek’ voice altering machine.  Phil does my description no favours as it was all quite fun but I suppose, partly because I have been behind the scenes of where they film and seen some of the stuff in action the whole part about make up and special effects wasn’t new to me.

But I have to agree with him on the sonic screwdriver.  I don’t remember it so much from the David Tennant episodes (too distracted by him) but I do think the same with Matt Smith.  I don’t feel that the episodes this year have been as strong as earlier ones, and I dont mean back to Tom Baker and the long scarf, I mean more recently.  I have also always been unsure about him as the Doctor.  Anyway, lets see what Saturday night brings, and if there are any interesting characters I’ll take photos!


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3 responses to “Doctor Who – a response

  1. Have to agree, Phil, plus stories are overladen with special effects as the budgets have got larger and larger with the big audience and shared costs with the USA. Talking of big effects, go see Gravity in 3D a fantabuloso film experience with all the computer imagery produced in the UK plus the music.

  2. Have seen Gravity and it is excellent. Very simple story really but very well done. Worth seeing on a big screen and in 3D, the later being a first for me as I can’t think of any other film that loses anything in 2D other than the anoying glasses.

    Of course, Candice isn’t allowed to go and see it as the sight of a giant 3D George Cooney floating towards her might not be wise in her condition. 🙂

  3. Yes, my wife had a bit of a reaction! Signourney in tight pants was quite interesting but in reality she would have had a pair of incontinence pants on so rather spoilt the film for me.

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