When is writing time?

Clock facePhil: I’ve always considered myself to be a morning person. Why this should be I don’t know.

I’ve never been one for a lie in. The last time I was still in bed after 9am I slept in a cot with a teddy bear.

In the office, I don’t take ages to warm up before starting work. 9am never involved me grouchily clutching a mug of coffee. Give me access to flexitime and I’m in at 8 just to build up my hours so I can go home early. If you need a volunteer for the early shift, I’m your man.

Despite this, now organisation of my time is pretty much down to me, I find that as far as writing goes, I function better in the evening and into the night. Those times when normal, sensible people are slouching in front of the telly, I’m at my most productive hammering away at the keyboard.

What’s going on? Is it the approach of tiredness forcing me to stop messing around and get things done? If I start early, I’m nothing like as efficient. I might be awake but the creatively I’m pretty useless. That bit of me seems to wake up during the day. Maybe it’s a little person living in my head who does like a lie in.


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2 responses to “When is writing time?

  1. Is it a male thing? I love to be up at dawn, in fact even with curtains, venetian blinds and shutters I still wake up with the sun which can be very annoying. My wife is an owl so often works until 1am and then happily snores away until 9.
    For over 15 years I had to be up at 6 to get the 7.30 into London until I set up my own business when things were a bit better but, as you know Phil, you end up working all the hours there are to earn the money. I often worked all weekend as I did a lot of client presentations which needed to be in on a Monday but then there was Red Star parcels to get it into London very early.

  2. Andrew Moss

    Phil, my philosophy is now largely, ‘go with what life gives you.’ In my late teens I worked on a farm and had to be in work for 5.00am. Thirty years in the Police and I had to work, at some time, all twenty-four hours in the day. I still prefer to start early, even though I’m now retired, but I’ve also learned, if your body wants to rest, and you are able to submit to its demands, go with it.

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