What is it about New Year’s Eve?

Candice: To our readers out there it may already be the new year when you read this, or you may be waiting for it to come but to one and all I hope you have had a great 2013 and an even better 2014.

I do like NYE but I also find it can be a big let down as there is all this build up to the celebrations and at a 1 minute past 12 you have done auld lang syne and its all over.  This year me and the other half plus my sister and Fiance are all off to a local hotel for a meal and knees up, the last big fling before things change in the Nolan house hold.  I am looking forward to a good night and throwing the bump around as best I can.

I’ve had some good and bad New Years.  A long time ago I was dating a rather unpredictable guy who was supposed to meet me in a pub to see in the NY after he’d been out with his mates and me with mine.  Well I waited and I waited and no show – so I left the pub before midnight with my mates and then popped back abit later… to find the bloke all over another woman.  Let us just say drinks were thrown and the relationship didn’t last much longer.

I’ve also had some great ones, often the most unplanned where you pull a group of people together at the last-minute, go to a party or club and are dancing to 3 am.  These often involved me pulling a chap or even the sax player of the band we were watching one year!

I’m sure we all have storied but I have been thinking about that book ‘One Day’.  I think it would be really interesting to pull together lots of people’s experiences of New Years Eve as there are bound to be stories to tell.  It’s often the point when things come to a head, or you sit down after a few glasses of wine and think “hang on, what am I doing here…or what am I doing here with him/her.”

So tell us your stories and lets compare notes.

Happy 2014!

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