Don’t lose the plot Harry

Harry Hill CakePhil: Athough team nolanparker will be getting back in to the writing (and cake munching hopefully) swing soon, there isn’t anything to report at the moment so I’ll mention a film I went to see on New Years Day – The Harry Hill Movie.

The film itself is brilliantly summed up by one poster on the Rotten Tomatoes review site, “I’d rather eat my socks than watch this again.”

I think Harry Hill is great and some of the movie looks fabulous. There are a few entertaining jokes and you get to point and gape when you realise Jim Broadbent is in it. I won’t say who he plays but you don’t expect THAT. It’s just that it doesn’t really have a plot and you really wish it had.

There are lots of sketches stuck together but the basic story is Harry’s hamster (Called Abu – Abu Hamster – Geddit? I thought it was funny, but suspect it might have gone over the heads of the kids in the audience) is (mis)diagnosed as dying and is taken for a last week in Blackpool. Along the way his evil twin brothers henchmen try to kidnap Abu. As Nauseam.

If you want an idea how this pans out – remember those Christmas special episode of old sitcoms where they threw money at a normal episode, stretched it to three times the normal running time and it showed.

Jokes and set-piece scenes are great in books and film. They are the bits you remember. It’s just that they need to be part of a bigger whole. We’ve got a few crackers in our book but at least one has been edited out already as it interrupted the flow of the story. Those left bring something to the table by moving the plot along, as well as being funny. Oh, and every one is different from the others. Very, very different.

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