What a surprise!

Candice: Regular blog followers may have noticed I have been absent for a week or so, leaving Phil to do all the hard work.  This isn’t because I have been on holiday – something that he would usually moan about (!) but I’ve actually been a little occupied with something else.

I had a surprise on the 1st January when things kicked off a bit earlier than expected and by the 4th January my lovely daughter Erin arrived.  Yes, this is the child who was due on the 20th January.  So you could say Richard and I are some what taken aback by our latest addition.  We are now into week two of ‘Parenting for Dummies’ and every day think we have found the magic knack, and then something changes.  She’s a feisty one this child, just like her mother.

So all my plans for getting some writing activity out there, doing submissions, painting walls and catching up on paperwork have all gone out of the window, replaced by a version of the song that has been in the charts recently.  Its not ‘Eat, sleep, rave, repeat’, its ‘Eat, sleep, feed, repeat’.

I’m hoping to get some normality back week on week, along with more than 4 hrs sleep in a row, and am aspiring for Phil and I to have a go a what we had planned for my work down time prebirth.  But hey, as Phil said earlier, I have to check with the young lady who is controlling my diary at present.

However, this experience has added a whole new string to my bow with ideas for stories, and another book in our ‘Kate’ series.  Speaking of which, we plan to reveal some of the first book soon for your delectation.  Re the stories, all I can say is think medieval torture chamber and you’ll be close to the sounds I heard through the night while waiting for my labour to kick off….

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