Just like old times

Candice: Phil came over today to play another round of ‘lets get this bloody thing out there’.  I was some what occupied as her ladyship was playing up so it was hard to get down to some real work but it did have moments were it felt like old times:

a) there was cake – though we both struggled at it was a bit stodgy so not like the hey day of Fallen Angel cupcakes

b) there was tea – again it wasn’t quite as good and cups were boring but it tasted alright

c) there was conversation about the book – where we worked out we must have started on it 3 1/2 years ago! That is quite frightening but you can see how times flies with these things.

We rehashed the query letter for the umpteenth time but I think we now both feel its got that extra punch to get us noticed (I ruddy hope so).  It’s amazing how you can get bogged down by the use of the word ‘plus’ but we got there in the end.  It’s so nice to be working on something that makes my brain tick over and gets my creative juices flowing.  We’ve also had a go at the first three chapters again, and we really think they are strong contenders to get us a bite.

We talked about putting them up here once the query letters are out to see what you think.  And then may be there might be some time for writing book 2 – though ideally we’d have the time we had originally where we worked on writing everyday and sat opposite each other to get those ideas flowing… and we got paid for it.  But unless anyone knows of a nice government entity that needs some contractors to do nothing and still get paid that’s not going to happen.  Some how I want to find that window of opportunity again because it was so great, to feel so excited everyday to see what Phil had written and where it took us on the path, and to disappear into that other world regularly where I could live and breathe my characters.

Phil thinks we should be out doing some publicity again, he suggested ‘Dragon’s Den’ but it wasn’t sure I could answer the question about our P&L.  But then I did mention Bargain Hunt or other day time crap that I have been watching, that could be a start.  We decided we need to take a leaf out of Polly Courtney’s book as she is the go to girl on all things women in business, what can we specialise in to get in Grazia? (Phil did mention she is quite photogenic too which helps!).  I don’t know yet but I am working on it.

Watch this space for news on our submissions… oh I am excited!


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2 responses to “Just like old times

  1. The Dynamic Duo back in action! It’s the start of a new year, the sun is out, the sap is rising and nature is burgenoning. There’s no time for tea and cake-it’s time to thrust forward and onward to the sunlit uplands of fame, fortune and success.(fade up Land of Hope and Glory).

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